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Terms of Service

All photos found here are protected by copyright and may not be used without prior written permission. Copyright infringement is a criminal offense. It is a violation of copyright to copy, download, link, print, save, display, or otherwise reproduce or alter the images in any way and could lead to serious legal consequences. By viewing this site and these photos you are agreeing to abide by copyright laws.

© Copyright Lisa Kurtz/LKurtz Photography, All rights reserved.

WARNING: I stringently enforce my copyrights. LKurtz Photography will issue a settlement agreement for any unauthorized image found used without purchase at the sum of $150 per image and agree to forego our right to sue you. If you fail to timely make such payment, this agreement shall be void and we shall have the right to sue for copyright infringement, for which we will not accept less than ten (10) times the normal license fee plus attorney’s fees and all associated costs.